The Mission


I have compiled the thrilling insights and testimonies I have gained through my study of the Bible into an inspirational devotional called Discovering Hope in 66 Places. 


It is my goal to make Discovering Hope in 66 Places free to 20,000 people. I am asking for your partnership to help me make this happen.

You can do that by ordering a hardcopy for yourself and your loved ones, or by donating here on the site. 

Enrich your life with daily devotionals


Explore these topics:

  • Facing the future with faith, not fear

  • Staying the course through discouragement and distress

  • Handling losses

  • Visions of hope and encouragement 

  • Preparing for a new beginning

  • Breaking cycles of broken behavior

  • Loving people beyond their mistakes

  • Trusting God when evil reigns 

  • Celebrating our broken chains   

  • Standing strong through a superior Savior 

  • ...and more!

$3,300 Raised