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The little learners library CD one

Early childhood education through scripture stories and songs from creation to Exodus.

Exodus 4 11
That's How We Know
the man who could not see very well

Track 1. Seven days of creation. Story- God made the world with his words. Scripture; Hebrews 11:3 Song; He made the whole world with his words.

Track 2. God made people. Story; God made people. Scripture; Genesis 5:1 Song; God made me.

Track 3. Adam names the animals. Story; Adam names the animal. Scripture; Proverbs 12:10 Song; And Adam names the animal.

Track 4. Noah's big boat. Story; Noah's big boat. Scripture; Genesis 6:14 Song; Noah built a boat.

Track 5. Animals in the arc. Story; Animals in the ark. Scripture; Genesis 7:2 Song; The animals went marching.

Track 6. Colors of love. Story; The rainbow. Scripture; Genesis 9:13. Song; Pretty colors up above.

Track 7. Noah's dove. Story; Noah's dove. Scripture Genesis 8:8. Song; A sweet wise dove.

Track 8. A baby named laughter. Story; A baby named laughter. Scripture; Genesis 21:2. Song; Baby laughing.

Track 9. A kind girl. Story; A kind girl. Scripture; Ephesians 4:32. Song; Be kind to one another.

Track 10. That's how we know. Story; The man who couldn't see very well. Scripture; Exodus 4:11 Song; That's how we know.

Track 11. A coat of many colors. Story; A coat of many colors. Scripture; 1 John 3:1. Song; Jesus loves the little children.

Track 12. Babies brings joy. Story; baby Moses. Scripture; Exodus 2:2 Song; Babies bring joy.

Track 13. Swish, swish, splash, splash. Story; Swish, swish, splash, splash Story; A road in the sea. Scripture; Exodus 14:22 Song; Swish swish splash splash.

Track 14. Miriam dances. Story; Miriam dances. Scripture Luke 6:23. Song; Look at Miriam jumping.

Track 15. Saturday is sabbath day. Story; food from the sky. Scripture; Exodus 20:8. Song; Saturday is sabbath day.

The Little learners library

Early childhood education through scripture stories and songs the profits.

Do You Know What Floats (1)
second kings 6 6
The Ax That Floated

Track 1 A yummy miracle. 
Story; A yummy miracle. 
Scripture; Philippians 4:19.
Song; Elisha made a yummy miracle.


Track 2. Do you know what floats? 
Story; The axe that floated. 
Scripture; 1 King 6:6. 
Song; Do you know what floats. 

Track 3. Sowing the precious seed. 
Story; Ruth pick fruits. 
Scripture; Ruth 2:17. 
Song; Sowing the precious seed. 

Track 4. You're beautiful. 
Story; Beauty in side. 
Scripture; 1 Samuel 16:7. 
Song; you're beautiful to me.

Track 5. Building up the temple. 
Story; Building a temple. 
Scripture; 1 Corinthians 6:19. 
Song; Building up the temple.

Track 6. Read your Bible. 
Story; We found the Bible. 
Scripture; Psalms 119:97. 
Song; Read your Bible. 

Track 7. Gods's clay jar. 
Story; God's clay jar. 
Scripture; Jeremiah 18:6. 
Song; I’m your jar of clay. 

Track 8. Fruits and veggies. 
Story; Daniel loved healthy foods. 
Scripture; Daniel 1:12. 
Song; Fruits and veggies are yummy yumy yummy. 

Track 9. Learn from the ants. 
Story; Learn from the ants. 
Scripture; Proverbs 6:6.
Song; I don't want ants in my pants.

Track 10. God is on His throne. 
Story; Isaiah sees heaven. 
Scripture; Isaiah 6:1. 
Song; God is on his throne.

Track 11. It’s clean up time. 
Story; Nehemiah cleans up. 
Scripture; Nehemiah 4:10. 
Song; It’s clean up time.

The Little learners library

Early childhood education through scripture stories and songs the birth and ministry of Jesus

Acts 16 14
pritty colors of Gods love

Track 1. No room in the inn. Story; No room in the inn. Scripture Luke 2:7. Song; Make room.


Track 2. Shepherds see Jesus. Story; Shepherds see Jesus. Scripture; Luke 2:1. Song; Savior of the whole wide world.


Track 3. Wise men see Jesus. Story; Wise men see Jesus. Scripture; Matthew 2:2. Song; Twinkle twinkle little star.


Track 4. Little Jesus loves the Bible. Story; Little Jesus loves the Bible. Scripture; Psalms 119:9. Song; I love the Bible.

Track 5. Jesus big picnic. Story; Jesus big picnic. Scripture; Matthew 6:26. Song; Five loaves and two fishes. Track 6. A wee little man meets Jesus. Story; Luke 19:9. Song; A wee little man see Jesus.


Track 7. The man who couldn't see. Story; The man who couldn't see. Scripture; John 9:25. Song; I was blind but now I see.


Track 8. Going fishing again. Story; Going fishing again. Scripture; Luke 5:4. Song; You got to try.


Track 9. Jesus goes to heaven. Story; Jesus goes to heaven. Scripture; Acts 1:11. Song; Jesus went up.


Track 10. Streets of gold. Story; John sees Jesus. Scripture; Revelation 1:17. Song; Streets of gold.


Track 11. Tabitha sows clothes. Story; Tabitha sows clothes. Scripture; Acts 9:36. Song; The Bible workers.


Track 12. Colors teach us of God's love. Story; Lydia loves purples. Scripture; Acts 16:43. Song; Colors teach us of God's love.


Track 13. My missing sheep. Story; My missing sheep. Scripture; Luke 15:6. Song; The shepherd said.


Track 14. Lots of rain. Story; Lots of rain. Scripture; Hebrews 13:5. Song; Its raining.

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